Toilet Paper may Shortage in Finland Cause by Energy Prices Aug 31, 2022
Finnish paper company Metsa Tissue said soaring energy prices in Europe had led to a reduction in paper production in recent weeks. According to a report by the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation on the 26th, Metsa Tissue Paper warned that further shutdowns of production lines could lead to shortages of products such as toilet paper. Previously, the company's factories in Germany and Slovakia had temporarily shut down production due to a sharp rise in energy prices in Europe.
Soaring energy costs in Europe are hampering the operations of paper companies, with Central and Eastern Europe being the hardest hit, said Jani Silampe, the company's Nordic marketing director. Electricity prices in Europe are at historically high levels, and now the Nordic countries, while slightly better, could also rise, he said. The company has a total of 9 paper mills in Europe. Although the production of paper mills in central and southern Finland has not been affected for the time being, many toilet paper and kitchen paper are not produced locally and need to be exported from Central Europe to Finland. The price of toilet paper has risen, and the cost may be passed on to consumers.

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